Creating things and solving puzzles... that's my happy place!


Me: Here's a midcentury fan I made into a lamp!

me in a nutshell

 Hi, I’m Nate, a UI/UX designer with 2 years of experience and currently, a UI Designer at the International Screenwriters’ Association.

Right now I am part of the team that is redesigning the company’s web site -  a platform that serves nearly 75,000 members - with a focus on creating a more intuitive user experience.  In doing so, I am collaborating with a cross-functional team of stakeholders, including the company founder, the creative director, and a team of overseas programmers. 

After spending many years wearing various hats in the entertainment industry I decided to transition into user experience design about 2 years ago.  This background gives me  a deep understanding of storytelling, that is essential to good UX, as well as  experience in working collaboratively to balance creativity with business goals.

As a UX Designer, I thrive on turning research into insights, and insights into designs that exceed the expectations of businesses while being a passionate advocate for the user. When I’m not designing you can find me watching movies and reading my way through internet rabbit holes.  I also love working with my hands and building things, including furniture and lamps like the one over there.  Imagining what something could be and then making it a reality is incredibly satisfying.

I’m always excited to meet new people to chat about the latest design trends or debate why an adored movie is overrated. You can connect with me on LinkedIn or at